Morning classes  8:45-12:45 (dismissal after lunch)

Afternoon classes 12:45-3:45 (arrival after lunch)

Full day program 8:45-3:45

Extended care 8:00-8:45 and 3:45- 5:15

Summer program in June, July, and August

Curriculum Overview


Practical Life

Includes taking care of self, taking care of the environment, control of coordinated movement and grace and courtesy lessons, which help the child to become independent, building his or her character while strengthening his or her will power, perseverance and patience as well as to help the child learn how to relate with others in the social aspect.

Montessori dressing frames activity in Eyas Montessori classroom


When the preschool or kindergarten child is manipulating the specifically designed and calibrated materials, his visual, audio, tactile, taste, smell and stereognostic senses allow the child to build skills to distinguish, compare, and categorize his impressions based on a secure internal order which in turn is building his intellect.

Montessori sandpaper sensory letters in a bin in Eyas Montessori classroom


In our preschool environment, we have 3 aspects of Language: Spoken Language, Written Language, and Reading Language. We provide enrichment of vocabulary along with language training, and sound games. Which in turn not only empowers the child with exact knowledge of what they want to express, but also helps the child to get clarity of the mind and also give them a means to feel the language within Literature.

The sound game prepares the child for the writing aspect of Language. Because the child is a sensorial explorer, through the use of sandpaper letters and the movable alphabet, the child starts writing when their mind is ready. By the same time, their hand has been prepared for writing with metal insets as well as all the exercises he has mastered in the Practical Life and Sensorial areas.

When the child starts to read, we provide everything that allows the child to become a total reader. Which means the child not only knows the meaning of a particular word, but also “reads between lines” and grasps the emotions, as well as what the author wants to convey beyond the words. This aids in understanding our fellow man. When the child understands and communicates with clear mind, he will learn with joy and passion, which is our educational aim.

Montessori number rods activity on shelves in Eyas Montessori classroom


When the Mathematical mind of the child is awakening, the child starts to establish relationships, recognize patterns, acquire order and starts to classify. Mathematics materials are designed as such the child understand the numbers and how to utilize the numbers. Through the hands on manipulating of the concrete materials, the child will get the abstract concepts of mathematics. The logical and reasoning mind will start to develop and young children therefore love math as they really understand it and can utilize math in their everyday lives.

Montessori globes on a table in Eyas Montessori classroom

Cultural Education

(Botany, Zoology, Geography and Social Sciences) In the cultural aspect, the child will get to know and recognize customs of the different continents around the world. We will expand children’s horizons, foster children’s international perspectives and encourage feelings of gratitude.

Group of children celebrating Chinese New Year with dragon puppet inside Eyas Montessori classroom

Chinese Education

The Chinese culture has much depth and breadth. We have in our environment a full set of Chinese pinyin materials and Chinese character materials. In addition we also have a fluent Chinese speaking teacher which will help the child open the door to the Chinese culture.

Two children posting with bells during Diwali celebration at Eyas Montessori

Music Program

Singing, dancing and using simple instruments such as egg shakers are part of the circle time. 

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