Montessori Features

  1. Child-centered. Emphasis on life education, foster children for their living skills and good habits, develop virtues such as independence, autonomy, gregarious, perseverance, and patience.
  2. Prepared diverse and rich environment for children. With the guidance of the teacher, the child gets his own firsthand experience through the manipulation of materials, and thus understands the concepts and knowledge by himself.
  3. The teacher observes and records the children's work and gives appropriate guidance at the appropriate time to help the child do the work by himself.
  4. The work cycle is dependent on the needs of the child. Teachers will not disturb the child’s work unless it is absolutely necessary, so that the child will develop critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and independence. When he conquers a problem by himself, he will feel such joy that nothing is comparable.
  5. Mixed age groups can lead towards the preparation of mutual assistance, cooperation of humanity and human sympathy. This in turn builds a strong social community.
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