School Origin

In 2012, Yinyang Education Corporation, China came to the Pacific Northwest, and were deeply attracted by the landscape and the cultural atmosphere.

In 2013, Taiwan's first Association Montessori International [AMI] teacher trainer, Yu Yunxiang, who received her training from Bergamo, Italy, participated in the professional design team for the overall planning of the school and design, based on the principles of Montessori pedagogical approach.

In May 2014, a new school complementing the surrounding area and nature was inaugurated. The quiet, peaceful, elegance of the overall environment, offers a place for the children to learn independently, from each other in a prepared environment.

Eyas opened its doors with 4 students in September, 2014.

In April 2015, a local Montessori school that had been in operation over 35 years, Cougar Mountain Montessori (CMM) merged with the Eyas organization.

The collaboration of the CMM and Eyas team has created a positive place for staff, families, children and the community, respectfully sharing to achieve the goal of diversity, respect, and cooperation honors the Montessori philosophy.

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