Meet our Teachers

Chiti Kompella, Lead Teacher

Chiti went to a Montessori school for her early childhood education and later received her Bachelor’s degree in Business in India. When her children went to Montessori schools in Bellevue, she decided to assist in the classroom to see if she would like to take up teaching career. The following year she took the Early Childhood Montessori certification in 2005 from MEIPN, Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest which is accredited by the American Montessori Society and has been passionately teaching ever since. Chiti lives in Bellevue, Washington along with her husband and their third child. The other two are adults now and pursuing their careers in LA and Boston respectively. When she is not at school, Chiti can be found dancing, hiking, cooking, spending time with her family or teaching yoga and meditation. She also teaches Positive Discipline parenting classes at Eyas. In 2020 she began leading online school, Eyas LIVE



Jackie Dealy, Lead Teacher

Jackie Dealy was introduced to Montessori while attending high school and working part time as an afternoon helper. After graduation, she worked full time assisting in the classroom while completing her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Washington in 2006. During her college years while balancing school and work it became apparent to Jackie that teaching children is what brought her the most joy in life. She then completed her Early Childhood Montessori Teaching Credential though the Montessori Education Institution of the Pacific Northwest (MEIPN) in 2008. Jackie resides in Issaquah with her husband and two children: Wesley (born in 2013) and Riley (born in 2017). When Jackie is not at school she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, gardening and fitness.


Lily Jing, Chinese Teacher

敬莉是EYAS 在中国总公司派驻到美国的一名教师。她做教师行业已经有20年的时间了。2012年在中国北京接受了AMS的培训后,一直从事蒙特梭利幼儿园的教学和管理工作,她来到EYAS已经有4年的时间了。她非常喜欢孩子,在EYAS主要致力于中文的教学,希望能够把中国的文化分享给每一个美国的家庭。

Lily Jing was born and brought up in China. She has been a teacher for 20 years. She took her Montessori training in Beijing, China in the year 2012 and have been a Montessori teacher since then. She is fond of children and enjoys teaching early childhood. She is the lead Chinese teacher at Eyas and feels fortunate to be able to share Chinese culture with the students at Eyas. She also teaches Saturday Chinese school.



Lori Flenniken, Teacher

Lori Flenniken grew up in Spokane, WA and moved to Seattle area when she was 18 where she did her early studies at Bellevue College. She then transferred to Western Washington University where she studied Spanish and Education. She has always had a passion for teaching and spent a lot of time volunteering in her children’s classrooms. She was a part of the creation of a startup charter school Explorer Elementary at Emily Dickinson Elementary. Lori took her Montessori Teacher’s certification at the Montessori Institute of the Pacific Northwest in 2005. She and her husband have two grown children with families of their own. She enjoys spending time with her growing family and her 4 grandchildren who are the joys of her life. She loves the creative process and likes crafting, flower arranging and creative cooking.


Andy Nazzal, Music Specialist 

Andy comes from a musical family where a variety of instruments were always seemingly available. He began playing piano at the age of 5, drums soon thereafter and as soon as his fingers were long and strong, the guitar followed. He has never lost his desire to learn every instrument possible and now plays just over 50 instruments. He has studied world music in his travels to Brazil, Argentina, Latin America, South Pacific Islands, and Europe among other locations. He studied Music Theory at Central Washington University.
He is also an award winning composer, producer, engineer and leader of a 6-piece Exotica instrumental band that annually performs to thousands of people. Andy has two sons; ages 8 and 12, who are also multi-instrumentalists.
He has collected instruments from all over the world and is excited to share those instruments with children as a part of the music curriculum at Eyas.