About Us



Allow each child to become independent, and later become interdependent in life.

Our Mission

We will follow the child’s needs, and create a respectful, trusting environment for children to grow in confidence.

Benefits of Eyas Global Montessori:

  1. A prepared environment according to the Montessori Method of Education
  2. All the specifically designed materials are imported directly from the Gonzagarredi Company in Italy and approved by Association Montessori International
  3. Our teachers all have AMI or AMS certification from MACTE approved training centers
  4. We have a professional team with decades years of experience in Montessori Education
    Including, AMI professional consulting and current research of Montessori Education.

Logo Description

Our logo represents, two eagles who fly around the earth, as a symbol of parents and children holding hands together entering the Montessori environment and expanding new horizons. Trees represent the Montessori Method and Philosophy. EYAS Global Montessori School in Bellevue, WA is inspired under Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy, nurturing the spirit while progressing from buds to blossoms full of life and hope. The implication here is that every child will be healthy and happy, and grow up with joy.