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Eyas Global Montessori School offering preschool and kindergarten in Bellevue

Eyas Global Montessori School offers Montessori preschool and kindergarten programs for children 30 months through 6 years old and is located in the Lake Hills Neighborhood of Bellevue, Washington. Take a photo tour of our Montessori preschool classrooms. Schedule a tour today.

The child is the center of the Montessori pedagogical approach to education. Through the hands-on work with the specifically designed materials the child gains real life experiences and builds independence. The Montessori preschool teacher as a keen observer, guides the child at the right moment to allow the child to develop to their fullest potential.

In our preschool and kindergarten environment, we will help the child fulfill his inner need for knowledge. This in turn helps the child self-construct his character and intellect while integrating his mind, body and spirit. Maria Montessori discovered through her studies that “Please help me to do it myself” is the inner voice of the child. We are guiding the children to build self-discipline, confidence, a sense of order and independence within themselves, both towards academic study and towards life, laying a solid foundation for their successful future.

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We follow the Positive Discipline guide to help children develop self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and problem solving skills. Eyas hosts parenting seminar series annually. This workshop style seminar is recommended for parents, caregivers, grand parents, and teachers. We offer STARS hours for these classes.

Enrolled families are encouraged to attend these workshops, so we can be at the same page at school and at home. Your tuition covers these seminars and you get to connect with parents that are in the same boat as you. It provides an opportunity to hear from each other what is in their bag of tricks, what works, when it works and what else can be tried. What works at one time may not work in a different scenario or with a different child. Having the goal or the big picture in mind and connecting with your child is the key. Come join us!


Call the office for more information at  425-358-5151.